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Simbi, by Jugaad Ventures, Inc.

Getting kids to read in the digital age is harder than ever. 

But it's not impossible!

How Simbi works for your child:

Regular coaching and reading on the Simbi platform

Your child reads along and narrates on the state-of-the-art Simbi reading platform, with focused coaching sessions that are informed by their progress on the platform.

Assessment and personalized reading plan

Our specialized coaches provide a regular Reading Competency Assessment and create custom reading plans for your child.

"Simbi really helped me get better at reading!

It's a lot of fun, and my favorite part is helping kids around the world learn English - so cool!

 Eli, age 9     

"Simbi has turned our reluctant reader into a word-hungry bookworm!  The coaches are wonderful, and the platform is fun and completely effective. 

So great to see him reading everything in sight - thank you, Simbi!             

           Jazmin, mother of James, age 7. 

Meet a few of our amazing coaches!

Janessa is so wonderful!

 Our daughter was very hesitant to pick up new books before starting Simbi, but now we have to tell her to put her tablet away at dinner!"

Pam M.  

Meet Janessa!

She has 14 years experience teaching, and coaches:

  • English learners aged 6 - 12.
  • Learners with dyslexia, reading interventions, English language learners, writing.

“We’ve been looking for Spanish learning program for our son, but nothing was sticking until we found Carolina!

Her coaching is phenomenal, and combined with the Simbi's Spanish learning program, his fluency is doubling every few months — thanks Carolina"

Simone B.

She has 11 years experience teaching, and coaches:

  • English and Spanish learners aged 6 - 12.
  • Learners with disabilities, English and Spanish language learners.

Meet Carolina!

Kids, parents, and teachers love Simbi!

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Kids read aloud for better learning—and to help other kids learn!
After your child has practiced their reading through read along, they will read aloud. Reading aloud is a core component of increasing literacy — and we've created a fun and motivating way to deepen your child's skills and love of reading!


Kids learn to read through the most effective methods—and help other kids along the way!

First your child will read along with books on the platform, hearing the words while they follow along. This is the most effective way to read!

Our Read for Good platform then gives your child the opportunity to practice narrating stories, while they help kids in developing countries learn English. 


And with 1:1 coaching from highly skilled instructors, your child's love of reading will soar! 

Coaches teach new skills, and the platform makes every second of coaching high impact. The coach listens to recordings of your child reading aloud before each session, and the platform assesses your child's learning — flagging focus areas for your coach.


Are you ready to help your child fall in love with reading?

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Supported by education leaders across the globe:

Simbi is an affordable personal coach and a  global reading platform — giving your child a supercharged reading experience for the digital age. 

Help your child double their reading fluency in 90 days— while they help children around the world learn to read!

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Reading for Good builds motivation to read and self-esteem!

As your child’s reading improves, they will narrate stories which help children in developing countries who do not have access to formal English-learning education. This cements your child's fluency, and helping others motivates them to practice!

Reading for Good™ increases motivation by having kids help—and teach—others!

The Simbi reading platform gives your child the opportunity to practice narrating stories — while they help kids in developing countries learn English. 

By having your child "teach" English, we tap into the learning mode with the highest retention, and knowing they are helping another child maximizes motivation. 

Our team of parents and educators built Simbi to ensure the next generation would have the opportunity to fall in love with reading—just like we did. 

Why is Simbi so effective?